Vietnam has been known as the paradise of beaches thanks to its significant location. Three quarters are surrounded by beaches, oceans and islands, which makes Vietnam one of the most attractive destinations to most of tourists once visiting the country. Among those islands and beaches, Con Dao islands listed in the must-go appealing place. Just taking one step into this paradise island will make you not want to leave it ever again.

Con Dao Weather

Con Dao's coolest weather takes place between September and January while its hottest months are June, July and August. Given the island's location, Con Dao is also prone to strong winds in December and January. Wildlife watchers should note that turtle-hatching season takes place from mid-August to early December.

See and Do

Small Island but Many Magnificent Beaches

  • Dam Trau Beach: Possessing an untouched nature with light waves, blue water, white sand, and colorful coral reefs, Dam Trau is one of the most gorgeous beaches that visitors should not miss out on when traveling to the island.
  • Suoi Nong Beach: Thanks to this geographic separation, the beach is nearly unspoiled with white sand and lush mangroves, creating a heaven that anyone coming to this island needs to spend some time exploring.
  • Lo Voi & An Hai Beach: These two beaches are suitable for guests traveling with family and kids since it is easier to reach than others. Lo Voi Beach is famous for its long white sand covered strip of beach shaded by numerous poplars, meanwhile, An Hai beach is surrounded by many majestic mountains. An Hai is also the largest scale beach in the central area of the island.
  • Dat Doc Beach: Known as one of the most attractive beaches of Con Dao, Bai Dat Doc also brings tourists to an unspoiled natural scenery covered with bushy woodland and rocky mountains.
  • Nhat Beach: only shows itself at low tide, spending the rest of the time submerged beneath the lapping waves. As the tide relents, the white moon of sand, dotted by the occasional ocean-smoothed rock, emerges to dry itself in the hot sun.


Other than Picturesque Beaches…

  • Con Dao Museum: The Museum is the repository of many precious items and artifacts collected from the painful time of war.
  • Con Dao Prison: Formally put into use in 1982, The CON DAO Prison is classified as one of the oldest and largest relics in Vietnam built by the French.
  • Con Dao National Park: Established in 1993, Con Dao National Park is the only place in the country where both forest and marine life are conserved. Famous for its wild beauty, the floral system in Con Dao National Park is extremely rich with over 882 species of plants and 150 species of animals.


What to eat in Con Dao

Street Food:

  • Con Dao Market Food Vendors: 10,000-30,000vnd ($1-$2): Try the bún thịt nướng (a cold noodle salad with grilled lemongrass-scented meat). It’s dirt cheap, very local, and delicious. There’s a decent bánh mì (baguette) stall just as you enter the market food court, where you can buy filled baguettes to take with you as picnic food.
  • Nhat Kieu Hu Tieu Noodles: 30,000vnd ($1): Not far from the market, Nhat Kieu is a noodle joint that could be straight from the mainland. Specializing in hủ tiếu nam vang (Cambodia-style rice vermicelli noodle soup)
  • Pham Van Dong Park Street Food: 10,000-30,000vnd ($1-$2). At around 5pm, when the light is low and the temperature cool, the street food vendors begin to serve up bánh xèo (fried savoury pancakes) and gỏi cuốn (fresh spring rolls) among other dishes. It’s very cheap, light, fresh, and crisp food: perfect for a snack to tide you over until dinner.
  • Binh Nguyen Shellfish Eatery: 30,000-80,000vnd ($1-$4) per dish
  • Bun Cha & Pho Noodles: 30,000vnd ($1-$2)



  • Thanh Huyen Restaurant: 100,000-200,000vnd ($4-$9) per meal
  • Seafood Restaurants: 100,000-500,000vnd ($4-$22) per kilo
  • Thu Ba Seafood Restaurant: 60,000-500,000vnd ($3-$22)
  • Villa Maison: 100,000-200,000vnd ($4-$9)
  • Tan Son Nhat Restaurant: 80,000-150,000vnd ($3-$7)
  • Six Senses & Poulo Condor: 200,000-1,000,000vnd ($10-$50)
  • Coco Restaurant (Con Dao Resort) & Poulo Condore Restaurant (Saigon Con Dao Resort): 80,000-200,000vnd ($3-$10)