Cham Island is a group of 8 small islands, which has been recognized by UNESCO as the World Biosphere Reserve (Cu Lao Cham Marine Park). The island is also surrounded by very nice beaches with clean white sand and transparent, cool water. Cham Island now is an ideal place to rest and relax for not only domestic tourists but also foreigners. Besides its beauty, friendliness and loveliness of the people here will also make visitors wish to get back to this beautiful island.



Best Time to Visit

  • From March to August each year is the right time to visit Cu Lao Cham. At this time, it is warm, sunshine while the sea is calm. You should not go to Cu Lao Cham in the rest months because of storms.

What to See

  • Cham Island Marine Museum: Tourists can discover the life, culture, tradition and festival of local people

  • Cham Ancient Well (Giếng Cổ Chăm): This is the ancient Tien Sa Huynh relic and also the place that supplies all the fresh water for the island. The water here is never dry.

  • Hai Tang Pagoda: This is the belief place of the Cu Lao Tram People. The architecture is unique and sacred.

  • Ancestor temple of Oat: The place that worship the Oat occupation

  • Tan Hiep Market (Cu Lao Cham Market) : Tourists can buy the seafood, speciality and souvenir with cheap price.

  • Yen Ancestor Shrine: Located in Bai Huong (Bãi Hương), Yen Ancestor Shrine was built completely in the early 19th century in order to worship the ancestors of Yen field.

Things to Do in Cham Islands

  • Camping on Cham Island

  • Sea Trekking

  • Snorkeling: The price is about 200,000 VND

  • Getting around on boat

  • Swimming: you can enjoy the sea water in Bai Xep, Bai Chong, and Bai Bim

The delicious cuisines in Cham Island

  • Giant Freshwater Prawn: Besides the incredible taste, there is one more reason for you to try the prawn. It is very healthy and nutritious.

  • Crispy Pancake: A typical Vietnamese snack or appetiser, banh xeo is made of rice flour, coconut milk, and turmeric, filled with ingredients such as vermicelli noodles, chicken, pork or beef slices, shrimps, sliced onions, beansprouts, and mushrooms.

  • Vermicelli Noodles With Grilled Pork: Bun thit nuong combines white vermicelli rice noodles, freshly chopped lettuce, sliced cucumber, beansprouts, pickled daikon, basil, chopped peanuts, and mint.

  • Fried Wonton Dumplings: Hoan thanh chien may resemble Mexican nachos due its salsa-like topping, but its actually a fried wonton dumpling with a variety of meat fillings. Made with rice flour, the wonton is filled with diced pork, shrimp, eggs, and various spices before being deep-fried until golden.